Vatikans Announces Official Partnership with Vodafone Qatar for We Fan Together Campaign

Vatikans Announces Official Partnership with Vodafone Qatar for We Fan Together Campaign

Vodafone, one of the major telecom operators in Qatar, has launched “We Fan Together,” its national campaign for FIFA lovers. Vatikans, a vertical of PJK Consultancy, dealing in travel management solutions has collaborated with Vodafone Qatar as an official partner for the campaign. Vodafone Qatar aims to enable FIFA fans to stay connected throughout the tournament with free FAN SIMs offering free data and local minutes.
Vodafone Qatar launched the campaign at Place Vendome mall in its newly opened experience store on 31 October 2022. The telecom giant used a custom-built Metaverse platform for the launch through a one-of-a-kind digital experience. All Hayya card holders can avail of this offer. 

Vodafone has taken another mile to ensure convenience for FAN sim users. MyVodafone app is customized to enable self-activation where live face verification is done through AI. Moreover, Vodafone has also upgraded the app with a new look and feel in addition to enriched products and features for the event.

Vatikans, the official partner for this campaign, has entered into an exciting collaboration with Vodafone Qatar. Through this collaboration, Vatikans is extending the availability of FREE FAN SIMs to a wider audience. Fans residing in places like London, Germany, France, and Belgium can get their free SIMs from Vatikans before travelling to Qatar.

The “We Fan Together” campaign will be active until 18 December 2022. Don’t forget to collect your free FAN SIM. For details, drop an email at or chat on Facebook with us.

About FIFA World Cup 2022

The 22nd edition of the quadrennial international men’s football championship, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar. The contest will begin on 20 November 2022 with Qatar and Ecuador playing the first match. Teams qualifying for the final match will play on 18 December 2022 for the title. A total of 32 teams will play in the group-stage matches.

About Vodafone Qatar

Since its inception in 2009, Vodafone Qatar has grown into one of the country’s top telecom service providers. As of December 2021, it serves 1.9 million mobile customers. The range of services Vodafone Qatar offers includes data, voice, messaging, IoT, fixed communications, and ICT-managed services. Moreover, Vodafone Qatar became one of the first operators to offer commercial 5G services in the world.

About Vatikans

An innovative Travel Management Company, Vatikans is one of the leading visa and immigration solution providers across the world. The brand is trusted and highly ranked for innovation and quality service in the global travel industry.

Vatikans serves various needs of travellers, catering to individuals, groups, entertainers, artists, celebrities, SMEs, and corporations. Vatikans is continually evolving to become a preferred partner for travel-related solutions.

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