Sheffield Takes the Second Spot on Europe’s Best Tourist Destinations List

Sheffield Takes the Second Spot on Europe’s Best Tourist Destinations List

Are you looking for budget-friendly destinations for a getaway from regular life routines with rising costs of living? With borders open and restrictions lifted, the urge to travel abroad is stronger than ever. This comes even after the pandemic demonstrated some great advantages of vacations in the UK.

But if you are willing to spend a holiday out of the UK and don’t want to go far, Sheffield can be your destination. It has been ranked as the second best city to visit in Europe, located an hour's drive away.

As per a recent poll, Marseille, France is the only place to beat the once-industrial hub of the UK. Milan, Oslo, and Bilbao are also on the list beyond Sheffield.

But what exactly is it about the location that makes it so special, and why do so many people love it so much? Daniel Dylan Wray, who compiled the list for TimeOut, stated, “Sheffield, once associated with coal-blackened buildings and industrial churn, is now more associated with a different colour: green.”

"Recently named "the greenest city" in the UK, it has 250 public parks, 52 square miles of the national park, and 4.5 million trees, more than any other European city. You get to enjoy two types of vacations in one by blending the city's vibrant culture, food, and drink with the lush greenery and proximity to the Peak District."

While Derbyshire's Peak District has its significance, the national park also extends into South Yorkshire. It houses numerous picturesque locations only a short distance from the city centre. Eyam and the well-known Padley Gorge are both within a 30-minute drive.

However, if you don't want to go that far, you can visit the national park from the city centre by car in just 15 minutes. In short, the Peaks has you covered if you want to break up your trip to Sheffield.

Despite Sheffield's reputation as one of the UK's greenest cities, it does not lack the atmosphere of larger cities like London and Manchester. Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield attract some of the world's brightest minds. And, it continues to be a popular choice for college students. Students also bring significant investments to the nighttime economy.

In point of fact, the city is known for its excellent nightlife. Sheffield comes to life at night with a plethora of great nightclubs, top-notch bars, classic pubs, and live music, making it easy to see why so many people love it so much.